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Plan to build private beach club at Bondi

Under a plan being discussed by the local council, part of the popular sands of Bondi will be roped off to create a European-style beach club where people would pay to drink cocktails in cabanas.

The plan was submitted to the Waverley Council by Amalfi Beach Club to request permission to cordon off a 320-square-meter area, equal to approximately 2 percent of the total beach room for 100 paying guests.

For a two-hour time slot from noon to 8:00 pm Thursday to Sunday between February and May 2021, patrons will be invited to enjoy a variety of gourmet foods and alcoholic drinks while reclining on a fleet of sun lounges or inside a cabana.

With Waverley Council turning down an initial proposal earlier this year, it is the second time the company has attempted to get the concept over the line.

But after reviewing the latest plan, a representative announced Waverley Council will liaise with Amalfi Beach Club.

The spokesperson said that the original request, submitted in May, was considered unacceptable.

“Our beaches and parks are public open spaces, for the enjoyment of everyone,” they said.

There is always consideration of the new plan, the spokesperson said.

Hundreds of signatures have attracted an online petition, intended to drum up support for the concept.

“Amalfi Beach Club is a commercial initiative to revive Bondi Beach, support local business and lift community morale following the COVID-19 crisis, which has decimated the local economy,” it states.

“This summer international travel will be limited. Those who may have sojourned to the usual European beach hotspots over our winter will spend the year in Australia supporting the local economy instead.

“Intrepid Sydney locals, however, need not fret, as we will bring ‘Euro beach chic’ to them.

“In addition to celebrating our wonderful Bondi Beach in a new, vibrant and sophisticated way, which will help build its international reputation in a post COVID-19 world, Amalfi Beach Club will be an important adjunct for local businesses to generate an income.”

The idea has drawn a wide array of views, with Sydneysiders taking their thoughts to the Facebook page of the company.

“Australia as a whole is lacking the overseas beach club vibe,” Julia-Anne Donnachie wrote.

I think this is a great idea,”

Effy Paffas posted: “Great initiative, Bondi Beach is lacking in atmosphere.”

Others claimed, however, that the blueprint might promote risky behaviour, such as swimming after drinking.

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