Newborn left to die in boiling hot car as ‘mother forgot about her’

A newborn baby died after she was reportedly left in a sweltering hot car by her mother and then “forgot about her.”

Baby McKinley Garner passed away on September 2 after she was left in a car on a 38-degree day .

Megan Dauphin, her 30-year-old mother, was reportedly high on meth at the time.

Dauphin was convicted and accused of aggravated manslaughter over the death of McKinley.

The infant was under two months old.

The child was left in the car for several hours until emergency services were called to the mother’s house, according to the police.

Shortly after, the baby was pronounced dead.

According to a friend, the weekend after her baby’s death, Metro UK says, Ms Dauphin “went partying.”

A friend said, “The Megan I knew would never have done this, so this whole situation is very shocking to me.”

Bay County Sheriff’s Office investigators reportedly found drug paraphernalia consistent with the use of crystal meth in her house.

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