Chicken Salt Chip mayonnaise is here!

One of Australia ‘s greatest inventions is chicken salt.

In addition to Vegemite, Tim Tams and lamingtons, the beloved seasoning ranks highly in the list of delicacies from Down Under.

The invention of a “Chicken Salt Mayo” that recently hit Woolworths shelves might be behind this sort of admiration, stirring mass enthusiasm.

The “chickeney, salty, creamy” condiment, which sells for $4 but is currently half-priced (great price), was spotted by “Oh So Busy Mum” mummy blogger and posted on Tuesday on her Facebook page.

“Spotted the NEW range of Praise Mayo and dressing at Woolworths,” Cheree, who runs the blog, wrote.

“I can confirm that the Chicken Salt Chip Mayo is amazing!”

There were also a few other new sauces, including “Chilli Jam”, “Beetroot Style Mayo” and “Vegan Aioli,” in addition to the chicken salt flavour.

The post quickly attracted hundreds of comments, many of whom seemed pleased with the new culinary creation, while others seemed confused.

“This is my kind of mayo,” one person declared.

“Shut up and take my money,” another wrote.

While one teased: “Just sent this to my husband and told him I’m leaving and have found my new lover.”

“I’ve had it to. It’s amazing,” another mum agreed.


Would you buy the new Chicken Salt Mayo?

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