We might not be able to travel internationally until 2022

After months of lockout, Australia’s decimated tourism industry will be inspired to turn attention to domestic tourists hungry for a holiday.

Tourism Minister Simon Bermingham said new funding in the Budget was intended to enable Aussies to visit tourist attractions in our own backyard and pump local dollars into our airports, restaurants, stores, and hotels in a step that indicates the government would take a cautious approach to opening the borders to foreign tourists.

Inbound and outbound international tourism is projected to remain low until the latter part of 2021 and eventually recover, the Budget Papers claim.

More than $250 million will be allocated by the government to the Regional Tourism Recovery Plan, which will include $100 million for infrastructure projects to improve regional tourism.

To draw domestic tourists to tourism hot spots heavily dependent on foreign travellers, such as Tropical North Queensland and Tasmania, more than $50 million has been earmarked.

In order to cater to Australians, the money will help these regions adapt their goods, experiences and marketing.

In order to help 10 regions hit by the COVID slowdown, including the Snowy Mountains, Kangaroo Island and the Hunter Valley, an additional $ 100 million will be spent over two years.

In order to entice Aussies to travel domestically and to target foreign tourists when overseas travel is again considered secure, Tourism Australia will receive $231.6 million for marketing.

With $61.7 million to be invested in heritage improvements, conservation work and reef building to establish more fishing and diving sites, the industry will also get a boost under the COVID-19 recovery fund.

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