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Family demand answers after dementia patient suffers injuries at a Sydney hospital

While in hospital, an elderly dementia patient received a multitude of cuts and bruises-and now her family are demanding answers.

Before her family picked her up last Thursday, the 83-year-old woman received treatment at Hornsby Hospital, north of Sydney.

She had bruises going up her sides, over her face and on her neck when they picked her up.

It took a hospital representative five days to respond to the family’s concerns about what happened, claiming she had suffered two falls.

“I was broken-hearted, shocked, just couldn’t believe the state she was in,” daughter Tracey McCarthy told 7NEWS.

However, the family and others are left to understand how this happened, with bruises around her neck and blackened eyes.

“Bruises around the neck? I mean what’s that from?” Lorraine Long from the Medical Error Action Group said.

However, police state that there is no proof of any sinister incident.

Detectives interviewed the workers and the woman herself, but she was not of much assistance because she could not recall the injuries at all.

The hospital says an investigation is underway and a “review of the falls, communication with the family and the discharge process”.

The family reported that an apology had been issued.

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