Forget Travelling To Bali Anytime Soon

In Bali, the death rate of the coronavirus is exploding, raising fears it will be among the last places to welcome Aussie tourists again.

Economy is struggling so badly that even major chains, including McDonald’s in the middle of regular hotspot Kuta, are permanently shutting down.

Deserted beaches mimic those of the 1980s before the island’s tourism boom, and with dance floors and bar tables deserted and barely a reveller in sight, Kuta ‘s party strip has an undeniably eerie feeling.

The water slides of Waterbom Bali will usually host 1200 thrill seekers during the September school holidays. They’re temporarily locked instead.

“Tourists gave people a life and it’s so sad,” CEO Sayan Gulino said.

International business owners tend to hold on as well.

“If this continues for much longer I won’t have any choice than to close down,” Cafe Smorgas owner Johan Lassesson said.

And the fear is, before it gets better, it’ll get worse.

The problem is that Indonesians are now permitted to travel between islands, leading to an explosion at COVID-19 in Bali.

The infection rate doubled in September, with 3671 cases, and deaths rose six-fold during the same month, with 207 cases.

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