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Uni student attacked by three men for wearing skirt

The terrifying ordeal of being assaulted by three men while she was walking on a city
street, all because she was wearing a skirt, was resurrected by a young female university student.


On September 18, the woman, who was known only as
Elisabeth, was walking home  when three men approached her.

“One of the three men said to me, ‘look at this w**** in a skirt,” the 22-year-old revealed to local publication France Bleu.

“I allow myself to answer ‘sorry’. There, they answer me: ‘you shut up b**** and you lower your eyes’. Two each grab me by one arm and the third punches me in the face. And then, the three flee.”

In the attack, the young woman received a black eye and reported
that nobody responded during or after the attack, despite there being 15 witnesses.
However, she was thankful that she did not suffer worse
injuries and refused to let her actions alter the incident.

“We must not let ourselves be defeated and now be afraid to go out, be afraid to put on a skirt,” she said.

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