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Victorian Vegan parents starve baby with extreme diet

In a severe plant-based diet, Vegan parents starving their baby of nutrients and left their daughter with a “devastating” lifelong disability.

After pleading guilty to negligently causing serious injury in the County Court of Victoria on Monday, the pair, who can not be named, avoided jail.

Judge Claire Quin ruled that they be both ruled to complete a 12-month community corrections order and undergo mental health treatment.

Because of the strict diet, their daughter was left with cerebral palsy caused by malnutrition.

In August 2018, the 12-month-old baby was rushed to Geelong’s emergency room, where doctors observed swelling, open wounds, rashes and decoloration of the skin.

They realised that she had internal bleeding, had blood in her stool, and needed life support.

The court was informed that they also learned that the kid had extreme protein-calorie deficiency known as “Kwashiorkor,” which is also seen in children from countries suffering famine.

The girl is now in the care of her mother, who
shows her daughter “commitment and devotion” and engages with healthcare professionals.
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