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Search for bus spitter in East Melbourne

After a bus driver was verbally abused and spat on three times, a manhunt is under way for a passenger in Melbourne.

Around 8.30 a.m. on August 25, the 246 bus was driving on Punt Road in East Melbourne when the passenger approached the bus driver.

The passenger was verbally aggressive and attempted to strike the driver around the protective screen, police said.

The face of the driver was then spat on three times.

At the intersection of Wellington Parade and Hoddle Street in East Melbourne, the bus stopped.

The perpetrator fled towards West Richmond Station after getting off the bus.

The police released a photograph of the man spitting at the driver from the bus security cameras.

The guy is known to be of African origin and was at that time wearing a black beanie and a black jacket with a red collar.

Anyone with details is encouraged to contact the police.

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