Newspoll shows support for Daniel Andrews amid ongoing lockdown

The treatment of the second COVID-19 outbreak by Daniel Andrews is backed by a majority of Victorians, although almost two-thirds of Australian voters rate the lockdown of the state as “about right,” the latest Newspoll suggests.

The Australian poll shows that 62 percent of Victorian voters believe that the premier, despite a hotel quarantine bungle that unleashed a second wave of the virus, has handled the crisis well.

Separately, 61% of voters in Australia, including 57% of coalition voters, claim that the restrictions that locked Victorians at home and prohibited them from travelling interstate were appropriate.

35 percent of Victorians felt Mr Andrews treated the pandemic badly in the latest poll.

His net satisfaction slipped from 58% in April to 27% in September.

The Newspoll also reported that Queenslanders backed the handling of COVID-19 by Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, with 68 percent saying she is doing a good job, a decrease from 81 percent in July.

Voters in both states supported the management of the pandemic by Scott Morrison, with 77% in Queensland and 71% in Victoria scoring the success of the prime minister as “well.”

39% of voters around the country are now more concerned about harm to the economy and mental well-being than about the possibility of higher infection with restrictions, compared to 20% who held that view in July.

But 56% remain worried that movements to ease restrictions were too fast, risking further spread of the virus.

53 percent of voters around the country say the level of controls is about right for Queensland’s hard border closures, although 37 percent say they should be eased.

The national Newspoll of 2068 voters was conducted from September 16 to 19.

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