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South Australian mum’s shocking abuse of her two-year-old son

After being intentionally dropped off a swing and no ambulance was called, a two-year – old boy at the core of a disturbing abuse case remained unconscious, a South Australian court has heard.

The “malnourished” boy was rushed to the hospital after another person called for help, and more than 60 different bruises were found “over all areas of his body.”

After failing to intervene when violence was allegedly inflicted on her son, his mother, Kira Leanne McCallum, pleaded guilty to criminal negligence.

On Friday, the District Court heard that her use of ice at the time had spiralled out of control, but she had not used the substance for a year.

The man who allegedly dropped the boy off the swing, a co-accused man, has pleaded not guilty to two charges and will face trial.

Prosecutor Damian Cunningham said that when the man took him to a friend’s house in March 2019, where an ambulance was eventually called, the boy appeared unconscious.

He said the man told his friend that the child had fallen, then told another person that he had purposely pushed the child off a swing.

“When the victim was assessed, he had bruises on his face, jaw, chin and neck … over all parts of his body, essentially,” Mr Cunningham said.

“The differing colours of those bruises suggested they were of differing ages.”

Both the prosecutor and the defence agreed that it would not be in the
child’s best interests to jail McCallum and next month the case would return to court.

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