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Mystery woman dumped at Queensland hospital has residents baffled

Residents of a remote, close-knit town on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland remain bewildered by how
an elderly woman ‘s identity discovered distraught on the side of a rural road remains a mystery.

Mooloolah Valley is home to approximately 4,000 people and is
a community where business owners welcome their clients by name.

Residents say that the woman has never been seen before
and many do not believe that she is a resident.

Eighteen days after she was found, police were unable to identify her
or find a friend or relative, despite the case making national headlines.

Initially, the woman was considered non-verbal, but police said she started to talk more as
her health improved, but she was unable to state her name or where she was from.

The lady, believed to be in her 80s or 90s, was found in a fragile state on
Brandenburg Road on September 6 and taken by a stranger and dropped off at Nambur General Hospital.

Before being taken to Sunshine Coast University Hospital, where she remains in
a safe condition, she was found outside by hospital workers and received treatment.
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