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China claims it is only a couple of months away from coronavirus vaccine

Can a coronavirus vaccine come from a country that is commonly considered to be the point of origin for the virus?

Yeah, according to the CEO of a Chinese pharmaceutical firm, who said the vaccine should be ready by the beginning of 2021 on Thursday.

In a tweet, SinoVac CEO Yin Weidong said CoronaVac was on track to complete its third and final round of human testing.

If that happens, he says, he will request to sell it in America to the US Food and Drug Administration.

He also said that he had been given the vaccine, personally.

“At the very beginning, our strategy was designed for China and for Wuhan.

Soon after that in June and July we adjusted our strategy, that is to face the world,” Yin said, referring to the Chinese city were the virus first emerged.

“Our goal is to provide the vaccine to the world including the U.S., EU and others.”

Others, however, may or may not include Australia.

The selling of vaccines in Australia has traditionally been prohibited by strict regulations.

The United States, the European Union and Japan have adopted similar directives.

But that could be versatile in the face of a global pandemic, said Yin.

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