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NSW Driver smashes through a barrier and plunges 20 metres down the cliff

A car that sped off a cliff struck a mother and her young boy.

In the crash that took place at Bar Beach on Thursday morning, another woman was injured.

In a statement, New South Wales Police said the Volkswagen Golf drove off the cliff from the upper parking lot and landed in the sand.

The car struck a 40-year-old woman and her son, who were on the beach.

She sustained possible fractures of the leg and minor scratches were sustained by the boy.

NSW Ambulance Duty Operations Manager Jason Saper said it was a “miracle” nobody was seriously hurt.

“When we are called to an accident like this, the scene can be quite chaotic.

“It’s a miracle no one was seriously injured.”

He said the occupant of the car was “very lucky to be alive”.

“The car took a substantial dive off the cliff and it was a miracle to find everyone alive when we arrived on scene.”

This is a drop of about 20
metres from the car park to the beach.
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