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Man jailed for attempted kidnapping of child from father’s arms outside Melbourne library could walk free from jail in just months

When he assaulted a dad outside a Melbourne library and attempted to steal his toddler, a would-be child snatcher was in the grips of a drug-induced psychosis.

When he saw the father and son with their dog outside the local library in November 2019, Michael Rawson fled Preston police station on bail for drug offences, the Victorian County Court heard.

“What happened is every parent’s nightmare,” Judge Felicity Hampel said on Tuesday.

As the dad was helping the two-year – old boy down from a seat, the 41-year-old ran over and attempted to snatch the child.

As Rawson repeatedly punched a dad who was trying to protect his son, a fight broke out.

The dad had Injuries to the back of his head, a split lip and a swollen left eye.

Rawson pleaded guilty to attempted abduction, assault, reckless injury, arrest resistance, and threatening an emergency officer.

He was sentenced for four years and six months, but would be eligible for parole in around 17 months.

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