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Husband discovers wife’s 18-month affair thanks to DYSON Fan

A husband has exposed how his wife’s secret affair with another man was discovered by a Dyson fan.

When a notification alert popped up on the screen, the man said he was upgrading a app for the gadget on his wife’s tablet.

Further research found that his wife of 17 years had been cheating with a married co-worker for 18 months.

The husband was able to compile 600 pages of messages and erotic images of the couple who would hook up during daily work trips.

“Changed the filter on the Dyson fan in our bedroom last night,” the husband, who’s based in the US, wrote on Reddit.

“Asked wife if I could use her phone to update the app, in order to reset the change filter alert.

“I noticed she had put on a pattern unlock and kinda wanted to ask her what that was about.

“As I was finding the app on her phone, a [message] notification popped up.

“My stomach dropped immediately as I read the small tag: ‘I’ll bring the special toy’, it said.

“My brain understood the words, but my mind just stopped functioning.

“She asked what was the matter, after I guess several minutes of me just sitting and staring at the bedroom fan.

“My wife has an obligatory quarterly out of town meeting for five days every business quarter.

“I knew it was about this coming trip Monday.”

After accessing his wife’s What’s App messages using her details on another device, he collected 18 months of correspondence.

“There are at least 15,000 [communications] that date back to February of last year; messages, memes, flirty pics and some x-rated ones too,” he said.

“Three nights ago, lying in bed next to me rubbing my back while I went to sleep … she messaged him and sexted him lying next to me.

“It’s a younger man from work. He is married and has three young children. He and his wife have Facebook. I’ve met him twice. Shook his hand.

“I desperately want this to be a bad dream. She’s said terrible things about me. She’s told him my insecurities. She’s told him ‘I love you.’

“They have made no long term plans so this feels like a purely sexual relationship.

“It almost makes it better, but also makes it so much worse. Like she’s literally throwing away our life for this.

“She knows cheating is an absolute deal breaker for me.”

The husband approached his wife after consulting a lawyer and told her that he was going ahead with a divorce.

“She cried and pleaded that she could explain,” he said.

“I said she had five minutes to do it. Of course, she couldn’t.”

The man went on to say he also contacted the other man’s wife on Facebook, sending her a copy of the pair’s illicit messages.

“I haven’t heard back from her,” he said.

While the husband pieces together his life, he said he still feels he owes a debt of gratitude to Dyson.

“I again need to thank Dyson for their app – and the kick ass fan I got from my brother-in-law for Christmas,” he said.

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