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JobSeekers, prepare for a huge pay cut this week

The government would cut down on certain government payments on Friday for the coronavirus supplement for JobSeeker recipients and others.

It will cut the $550 coronavirus supplement, which essentially doubles JobSeeker to $1,100 a fortnight, and other adjustments are also on the way.

Currently, you’re getting around $1,115 per fortnight on JobSeeker if you’re single with no dependents.

That’s made up of the base rate of $565-a-fortnight, formerly known as Newstart, and the coronavirus supplement named the $550 top-up bill.

The fortnightly coronavirus supplement is being cut from $550 to $250 from Friday.

That will take the quarterly payments for singles to $815 per fortnight, or around $58 a day.

At that point, JobSeeker will run until the end of the year, but the government still has to say what will happen after that.

Not only does the move to the coronavirus supplement impact people on JobSeeker, either.

If the coronavirus supplement falls, other government allowances, including Youth Allowance, Austudy, the Farm Household Allowance, will also decrease.

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