Newborn baby mauled to death by family’s ‘jealous’ dog

A newborn baby was mauled to death by a dog, who may have been jealous of the baby.

The twelve-day-old Elon was attacked by a chow chow cross on Sunday in Doncaster, a town in northern England.

South Yorkshire Police said the baby sustained severe injuries after being bitten by the dog and was rushed to hospital but later died, reports The Mirror.

In another post the child’s father Stephen Joynes made to Facebook, Ellis commented: “Our gorgeous baby boy. Love him to bits”.

Ellis, 27, and Joynes, 35, were arrested following the attack on suspicion of manslaughter by gross negligence.

Both have been released on bail.

The baby’s uncle told the newspaper that when the dog-named Teddy-raced inside after escaping from a pen in the yard the baby had been lying in his bassinette.

Joynes and the uncle of the boy were trying to rescue him.

“It was horrible and we’re all in total shock,” the uncle said.

“My sister is in bits. She’s lost her baby.

“Teddy’s not a dangerous dog… I think he was jealous when the baby came along.

“Or maybe he thought the baby was a toy – he was a tiny thing.”

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