Mum slammed after giving baby several ‘mouthfuls’ of beer

Reddit users slammed a mother who shared a picture of her baby gulping a couple of beer “mouthfuls.”

The photo shows the baby girl, who seems to be about six months old, drinking from the bottle of a schooner, with beer froth on her forehead.

The mum uploaded the photo on social media, adding the hashtag # drinkup.

“She loves having a taste of mummy’s beer,” she wrote.

It wasn’t long before social media users lashed out at the mother.

“This is messed up, it’s not even funny one bit,” said one.

Added another: “I’m a mum to a two-year-old boy and I’d never let him ‘try’ alcohol’, let alone post it on Facebook because I care about his health and safety.

“What especially ****** me off about this is you’re practically shoving the glass in her face.

“It’s not a cute photo, she looks confused, it’s really sad actually that you think this is acceptable.”

But the mum defended her actions.

“Listen everyone giving me hate, she’s having some mouthfuls of beer, she’s not shooting ****ing heroin ahahah,” she wrote.

“Clearly you’ve all never experienced being a mum cause if you did you would know that this isn’t harmful to a baby.

“My mum used to let me drink a little when I was young and would put whisky on my gums when I had sore teeth.

“I’d never put my baby in danger so all of you go to hell.”

However, most Reddit users found the mum’s justifications disgusting.

“Actually alcohol is incredibly dangerous for young children,” said one.

“It causes their blood sugar to drop which is very very dangerous for such a small body and can easily cause them to have seizures.

“Not to mention repeated exposure to alcohol can actually impair growth.”

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