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Aussie Teen Buys Her First Home Aged Just 19 After Working Hard at McDonald’s

An Aussie teenager who began preparing and saving for her dream from the age of 11 saved up a deposit of $30,000 and plans to move into her new home by Christmas.

Maddie Pickering, 19, who spent her school years working and saving, completed her senior enrollment certificate a year before her classmates and now owns a home.

Or at least half a property, as her $300,000 home is-before her eyes on a new residential estate in southeast Queensland.

Each time Maddie and her mum, Raelene, visit Pebble Creek Estate near Logan, 50 minutes south-east of Brisbane, her house has taken shape a little bit more.

“Once a week my mum and I come out and I take progress photos, in a little time lapse I’m going to put it together of every stage,” Maddie told Channel 9’s A Current Affair.

“How good is it going to be? Drive up, remote, click my button, yeah! Lucky, very lucky.

“Everyone I’ve spoken to says ‘How did you do that? Oh, your parents must have given you the money’.

“My parents haven’t given me a cent.”

After deciding that she wanted a house when she was 11, she got a job
at McDonald’s as soon as she was allowed to legally work, at the age of 14. 
She earned her Senior Certificate in Year 11 to win university entry ahead of anyone
else, but decided to get a full-time job instead of studying would quickly track her goal.
She began looking around at the age of 18 to see who would
give her a home loan, but was knocked back on her first application. 
Then Maddie and mother Raelene started searching for
a house and land package for new housing estates.

The frames of her house are in and Maddie says it has a back yard “big enough for a dog”.

Raelene said she told her daughter every day how proud she was of her.

“To see her shine, to achieve in life, I know she’s got so much more,” she said.

“This is just the start for her.”

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