Aussie brewery launches new choccy milk beer

The humble choccy milk, a stalwart of most Australian fridges, is a much loved household favourite.

But what if you make it not so nice for your family?

That is the question that Adelaide’s brewery asked-and replied.

For choccy milk lovers searching for something a little bit more mature, Sparkke Change Beverage Company has released a Chocolate Milkshake Stout – aptly called the ‘Better Lait Than Never’.

The creamy taste of the beer comes from adding lactose and having higher mash conditions.

Given the odd combination, Carla Naismith, the resident brewer, says the stout is just like a chocolate milkshake, just boozy.

Sadly, the brew is only available on tap at Sparkke’s Adelaide brewery at Whitmore Square for interstate beer-drinkers.

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