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‘We’ve got this’: Daniel Andrews says new COVID case numbers ‘worth celebrating’

For the first time in months, Melbourne’s 14-day coronavirus case average dropped below 50 and the Victorian Premier said it was “worth celebrating”.

Victoria registered 42 new cases on Wednesday, meaning the 14-day average fell to 49.6 and fell even further on Thursday, with 28 cases recorded by the state.

The 14-day Melbourne average is at 44.4 now.

Daniel Andrews posted a picture on his Facebook page overnight, claiming the average has “fallen almost 10-fold since early August”.

On 7 August, the average case for 14 days was 459.8.

“These numbers are worth mentioning – and celebrating,” Andrews said.

That average must remain between 30 to 50 for some Melbourne restrictions to be eased as planned on September 28.

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