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Paedos will lose their homes, cars and cash in massive crackdown in Australia

Paedophiles, under new criminal laws implemented by the Australian Federal Police, will be stripped of their properties including cash, vehicles, and homes.

In an exclusive report by The Daily Telegraph , Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton announced that new powers would be granted to seize assets from offenders who make money by manipulating children.

“If a sex offender is found to be profiting or seeking to gain from the exploitation of children, they can expect to have their bank account, their home or even their car seized,’’ he told

“We are going to target those who profit from an abhorrent trade in child abuse.’’

The crackdown is in response to a recent increase in demand from perverted Australians paying to watch online exploitation of children.

The trend has led impoverished people in third world countries to film themselves, for a small fee from Australian subscribers, raping and molesting children on video.

“It is truly sickening that offenders are profiting from the abuse, degradation and misery of children,’’ AFP commissioner Reece Kershaw said.

“I make no apologies for using the full force … of the law in our fight to lock these offenders away, and strip them of their tainted assets.

“We will never give up in our fight to rescue the victims and unleash maximum damage to those who do our children harm.’’

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