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Bid to kick Andrews out

A attempt to kick Premier Daniel Andrews out of office over his treatment of the coronavirus pandemic has been launched by the Victorian Opposition.

On Thursday, opposition leader Michael O’Brien will bring in parliament a vote of no confidence in Mr Andrews.

The motion will be tabled on Thursday with next month ‘s vote to be put to MPs in Lower House.

Mr. O’Brien said the Victorians had lost their support to the Premier.

“Every Labor MP will have to decide whether they will vote to protect the jobs of their communities or the job of the Premier,” he said.

“A no-confidence motion is not a decision made lightly, but increasingly frustrated Victorians are telling us loud and clear that Andrews must go.”

The motion is almost likely to be voted down because Labor has a comfortable majority in the Legislative Assembly.

Mr O’Brien cited the botched handling of the pandemic by the government, including hotel quarantine, refusal of help
from the Australian Defense Force, contact tracking failures and enforcing what he believes to be a potentially unlawful curfew.

“Victoria deserves the chance for a fresh start,” he said.

“With Andrews’ road map to nowhere, millions of Victorians know their jobs are on the line if this Government keeps us locked down.”

“Andrews’ failures are the very reason Victoria is in the second wave through his botched hotel quarantine and delays in contact tracing, and Victorians are left with no confidence in him or his Labor government,” Victorian Nationals leader Peter Walsh said.

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