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International flight cap lifted to bring thousands of stranded Aussies home

Under changes to flight quotas, Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack announced on Wednesday, up to 2000 extra Australians would be allowed back into the country each week.

At least 25,000 Australians are stranded overseas including up to 3,000 considered vulnerable.

“It has been a difficult situation for some trying to get home and we have acknowledged that,” Mr McCormack told reporters in Wagga Wagga, NSW.

“We want those returning Australians to be able to do so … I want to raise that to 6000.

“I have written to premiers and chief ministers to make that possible so that we can bring home 2000 more.”

In August, the Federal Government decreased the number of incoming flights to 4000 passengers a week in a bid to relieve pressure on quarantine facilities in the state and territories until October 24.

NSW is taking the gross of the arrivals at 350 passengers a day, while Perth is accepting 525 a week. Brisbane and Adelaide have a limit of 500 incoming passengers a week.

“We will increase the number of Australians coming into Sydney by 500,” Mr McCormack said.

“As well 500 more will be coming into Queensland and I urge and encourage (Premier) Annastacia Palaszczuk to look at the Gold Coast and Cairns.

“Likewise, WA is increasing its capacity by 500; SA about 360.”


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