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Mum’s fears about kids seeing dying dad

Mark Keans’ ex-partner, a dying man whose fight to see his four young children resonating with millions of Australians one last time, has admitted she’s nervous about the potential reunion.

Mr Keans, 39 years old, was diagnosed with terminal cancer earlier this year and is presently at his home in Brisbane with doctors acknowledging that he might not make it until Christmas.

The family made headlines last week after the denial of repeated appeals for a border exemption by the Queensland government causing outrage throughout the country.

Mr Keans was told he would only have to pick one of four kids to see him.

All four were later given permission to see him but only if they were in hotel quarantine for two weeks.

Kylie Green, Mr Keans’ ex-partner, said that since 2016, when he moved from their west Sydney home to Queensland, she had raised her and Mark’s four children as a single mum.

Ms Green said that the mental health of their four children has declined over the past week as they sat in the national spotlight and constantly feared consequences if they continue to see “a man they barely know”

Describing her 10-year relationship with Mr Keans as “complicated” and “on and off,” Ms Green said she has worked hard to try to maintain a relationship with her children’s father.

“The last time they saw him properly was on Father’s Day in 2017, a weekend I organised,” Ms Green said.

“The kids are now so worried that if they say no, people will be mad at them.

“I had them crying at me not knowing what to do, it’s causing me and them so much pain, stress and worry.”

She also says she does not want any of the money raised through GoFundMe.

“We did not need any funding, I wanted it to be done privately and quietly,” she said.

“They’ve grieved their dad once when he moved and then they go and see him die and grieve him again. I’m so worried about their mental health and I’ll be the one left to pick up the pieces.

“My daughter was scared and cried and said ‘Mummy I’m scared to see him’ and my youngest son doesn’t even remember him.”

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