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Daniel Andrews Message To Woman Dragged Out of Her Car

A woman who was dragged from her car by a police officer at a checkpoint after she declined to give her information was criticised by the Victorian Premier.

Saturday, 29-year-old Natalie Bonett posted a video of herself being dragged from her car at a police checkpoint in Kalkallo, north of Melbourne, and it quickly went viral.

Bonett told 7NEWS that she did not know she had done anything wrong and that the cell phone mount on her dashboard was related to the case.

Daniel Andrews spoke on the incident on Monday, saying that if she had shown her drivers licence it would have been prevented.

“If on any of the four occasions she was invited to provide her name, she had done that, well then it wouldn’t have escalated to that point,” he said.

Andrews announced that a few days ago, he was pulled over at a checkpoint. He wasn’t needed to provide identification, but had he been questioned he said he would have done so.

“We had a brief chat and I moved on. If I had have been asked to produce identifications, I would have cooperated,” he said.

“Then there’s no need for anybody to be dragged from a vehicle.”

“By law, if you’re asked to produce your drivers licence or confirm your identity, then you must do that.

“It’s not optional – no matter what stuff you’ve read on the web about some international covenant or some nonsense.”

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