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Queensland Man Pays For ‘She Is Heartless’ Banner To Protest Against Border Restrictions

A lawyer from Brisbane says he is so angry at Queensland’s border stance that he will pay $1,800 a week before the October 31 election to emblaze his view across the sky of the state.

A plane flying from Coolangatta to Brisbane on Sunday, trailing a banner that said “she is heartless.”

James Stevens, CEO of a law firm in Brisbane, said he had paid out of his own pocket for the political message that refers to Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk.

“I’m not political,” he said.

“I’m not affiliated in anyway.

“I’ve voted for Liberal and Labor before, but this has got to stop.”

Scott Morrison phoned the Premier last week, prompting Ms Palaszczuk to accuse Scott Morrison of bullying her.

“I thought that was the most outrageous thing I’d ever seen a politician do,” Mr Stevens said.

“She has exhibited a real callousness, a cold-hearted attitude to people’s suffering and problems.”

“I’m human just like everyone else,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

“These issues hurt me deeply.”

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