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A hospital nurse was allegedly been attacked by a man she was attempting to care for

A nurse at the hospital and a security guard were reportedly assaulted by a man they were trying to care for.

The alleged assault took place on Friday morning at Westmead Hospital, in west Sydney.

A 26-year-old man was undergoing treatment when he reportedly punched into the face and arm of the 40-year-old security guard.

Police claim he then entered the nursing station and reportedly assaulted Bec Davies, 31.

She was reportedly punched in the back of her head before he pushed her and caused her to hit a door on her head.

Davies was left with deep gashes to her head.

The 26-year-old man has been sedated by other hospital staff.

He was arrested and taken to Parramatta Police Station after being discharged from hospital.

He has been charged with common assault, bodily harm and reckless wounding. He’ll be in front court on Sunday.

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