‘Like a Dog Coming Back to Eat Its Own Vomit’: Victoria Police Slams COVID Protesters

Anti-lockdown crowds are annoying police in Melbourne, with Victoria’s assistant commissioner claiming he is fed up with their selfish antics.

“I feel a bit like a dog returning to eat his own vomit,” Luke Cornelius told reporters on Friday, ahead of protests against coronavirus restrictions planned for the weekend.

“I’m sick of it.”

He said significant police resources would be on hand at a proposed anti-lockdown “walk” through Melbourne on Saturday, taking officers away from other important areas of policing.

“If people were less selfish and a bit more grown up, we wouldn’t have to keep doing this,” Mr Cornelius said.

Police raided Middle Park man Tony Pecora ‘s home on Thursday as part of an enquiry into organising and promoting protest action.

The 43-year-old wasn’t home, but later he handed himself over to St Kilda Police Station and was charged with two counts of incitement in court on Friday.

Pecora probably set up the event on Facebook with a false name.

The “Melbourne Freedom Walk” claims to be legal and asks citizens to “come together, get healthy and talk about getting our freedoms back”.

Mr Cornelius said it was silly to justify protesting by calling it exercise.

“Don’t take us for fools,” he said.

“We’ll have no hesitation in issuing fines.”

A number of people preparing to demonstrate in the town had been specifically warned by police, he said.

In speaking out at home, Mr Cornelius encouraged anti-lockdown demonstrators to “be creative,” without promoting gatherings.

Prime Minister Daniel Andrews has agreed not to take part with voters.

“All you’re potentially doing is spreading the virus,” he said on Friday.

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