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Elderly woman facing $30,000 fine for feeding pigeons in her front yard

An Adelaide woman has been charged with a fine of $30,000 for feeding pigeons in her backyard.

Elizabeth Vlajkov, 72, has been feeding birds for over 25 years in the front yard of her home in Parafield Gardens.

Neighbours claim that she attracts up to 600 birds a day, keeps them up at night, and leaves their homes in droppings.

This week the Salisbury Council slapped Vlajkov with a legal notice asking her if she doesn’t stop feeding the pigeons she may be fined up to $30,000.

But if she doesn’t feed the birds, Vlajkov says, they’ll go hungry.

“(The council) is hurting innocent birds,” Vlajkov said.

“I feed them. I spend $6 every day for their food.”

The council said that it has tried to contact Vlajkov three times but has not received a response.

It said it was left to give the formal cease and desist under the Local Nuisance Act with no alternative but to.

“Charging the old lady for pigeon feeding… that’s awful,” Vlajkov said.

The 72-year-old says she has no intention of paying any fine and if need be, will take the matter to court.

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