Daniel Andrews: “It won’t be a normal Christmas”

For Victorians this year Christmas will “look different in lots of different ways” says Premier Daniel Andrews.

The famous Christmas show windows at Myer’s Bourke Street Mall will not occur in the midst of overcrowded worries, although on December 24 at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl the popular candlelight carols will remain under a cloud.

“It won’t be a normal Christmas,” Mr Andrews said.
“We don’t want it to be a lockdown Christmas. We want it to be a Christmas that can be as close to normal as possible, a COVID-normal Christmas.
“That means it will look different in lots of different ways.”
But, in a sign of hope, he said the state will have “moved to a very different set of rules by then”.
As for fireworks on New Years’ Eve, he said chances were “very low”.
“But, again, the key point here is it is hard with any certainty to predict a week or two weeks,” Mr Andrews said.
“We do our level best to make sure that we have got as many inputs into the modelling, we have got many different people testing all of our thinking, making sure we have come to the right conclusion, but New Year’s Eve is a long way off.”
During “the busiest time of the year” the government was “in detailed discussions” with supermarkets about potential food shortages.
“Some restrictions we have with warehousing at the moment is a challenge,” he said.
“That is what the industry tells us. Not right now, but it will be a challenge later. We continue to work with them to try and refine those.”
But Andrews added: “I’m confident we will find a ballpoint that sees everything we need on the shelves whilst also making sure that those warehouse settings particularly, which have been high risk are as safe as they possibly can be.”

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