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Australia’s Dumbest Criminal Described As ‘Hopeless’ By His Own Lawyer

After crashing into a police car while driving a van full of 260 kilogrammes of crystal meth, his own lawyer described a drug runner as ‘hopeless,’ ‘negligent,’ and ‘shambolic.’

Simon Tu, 28, was identified as ‘Australia’s dumbest criminal’ after he ploughed his drug-filled Toyota HiAce van on a Monday morning in July 2019 into some stationary police vehicles in Sydney.

He was just attempting to drive his illicit cargo past an Ethel Street police station when he accidentally crashed into two New South Wales police cars.

Now, he faces up to 20 years in jail when he is sentenced later this week.

Barrister Mr Boulten said: “His driving is what gave it away, and his role was to drive,

“In some senses it was a hopeless execution of the task he was asked to perform.”

He went on to described Tu’s behaviour as ‘shambolic’.

The crash is one of the largest drugs hauls ever taken in the history of NSW Police, with the drugs valued at around AUD $200 million.

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