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Victorian workers forced to survive on $6 a day

A Victoria worker confined to her home and forced to survive on JobKeeper says she’s going to be forced to feed herself for under $6 a day when the PM slashes the wage subsidy.

A “wait and see” approach has been adopted by the Prime Minister to provide more assistance to Victorian workers until the state government details its own rescue plan for millions of workers hit by the extended lockdown.

Government sources have confirmed the Morrison Government has little appetite to provide a Victorian-only top-up for the scheme.

The Prime Minister sticks to the plan to reduce JobKeeper payments from $1500 a fortnight to $1200 from September 27, despite the extended lockdown until the end of October.

Under the proposal, one of the workers will lose $300 a fortnight, 26-year-old Sarah Marshall told that she’ll be left with a $40 a week food budget.

“The JobKeeper payment was a lifesaver for me, but it’s a dramatic drop from what my full-time salary was,” she said.

“The drop again means I won’t be able to afford my food for the week after paying my rent and my car loan, and I’ve got barely any savings after moving away from home at 19 and living in Sydney, now Melbourne.

“The cut of JobKeeper only adds on more stress to an already difficult situation.”

Ms Marshall works for a hospitality group in the city and looking after events and reservations.

“My rent is $1150 a month or around $270 a week. After the tax on that new JobKeeper payment it’s about $540 a week. I’ve got a car loan that’s about $370 a month and insurance which is $100 a month,” she said.

“I take out money to pay for electricity, gas, based on that I will be left with $40 a week to pay for food.

“Apart from that I am basically going to have to ask my parents for money. I am trying not to go into a huge slump and it’s tough to get out of the bed in the morning.

“I can’t see my family as they are in WA, and I can’t see my friends due to the restrictions and I don’t have an intimate partner.”

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