Pregnant woman arrested in Melbourne demands apology from Daniel Andrews

The pregnant Ballarat woman who was arrested on social media for allegedly organising an anti-lockdown rally in Victoria has requested an apology from Premier Daniel Andrews.

Zoe Lee Buhler, 28, is charged with incitement and will face court in January for allegations she was planning a protest in Ballarat on a Freedom Day.

Incident footage shows her arguing with police before handcuffing her and arresting her in her home.

Buhler was temporarily banned from social media but her supporters have started a new Facebook page.

She posted on Monday that she was “sick of living in fear”.

“I woke up thinking this is it they’re coming to get me, all over me being awake and knowing the truth and for that for simply having knowledge I feel as if my life could end at any moment,” Buhler said in a post on Monday.

“I want an apology from Dan Andrews.

“I thought he cared about keeping people safe?

“I don’t feel safe in Victoria.”

She later posted a video of herself reading a poem she wrote about Victoria’s coronavirus restrictions.

How can we call this living when they feel like dying?

We’re hardly surviving when we should be thriving.

Our ancestors are sick of crying, sick of seeing you lying.

Lifetimes and lifetimes spent wondering where all the effort went

Messages from far and wide are sent wondering when you will repent

While you sit on your high horse, I wonder where is the remorse

We’re living in a time I cannot endorse

A time where crime is enforced

Enforced by those who want to protect us

Those we have been taught to trust

And I know you’re afraid wondering what they will say

But we can’t keep living this way

And I won’t give up until my dying day

So say what you may, so well please

Because this is me begging on my knees

It’s time to let us be free

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