Daniel Andrews coronavirus lockdown exit plan labeled ‘ridiculous’

Victorian Liberal MP Tim Smith denounced the controversial plan of Daniel Andrews to get the state out of the coronavirus lockdown and label it “totalitarian state sort of stuff.”

“This is not a road map, this is a death warrant for Victorian businesses, for Victorian livelihoods and indeed for Victorians’ mental health,” the member for Kew told Sunrise.

Under the programme, Melbourne will remain under curfew until at least the end of October when shopping, restaurants, and hairdressers begin re-opening at a reduced capacity.

When Victoria records no new cases for 28 days, all restrictions will be lifted.

Tim Smith says Daniel Andrews should reopen Victoria faster to save more jobs and safeguard residents’ mental health.

Smith said that Melbourne’s five million citizens will endure the longest consecutive COVID-19 lockdown of any city in the world by the “ridiculous” restrictions.

“We’ve been locked down for longer than Wuhan, to put that in perspective, this is the world’s longest lockdown,” he said,

“It’s getting out of control… people are frustrated, people have lost their jobs, over 600 people have died, it’s miserable down here.”

Smith is calling for Premier Daniel Andrews to open up the state quicker and to remove “double standards” about protesting.

“I implore everyone not to protest, but the double standards that we see in Victoria are so irritating for so many people,” he said.

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