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Sam Armytage SLAMS Victoria Police After two elderly women being threatened

After a video showed two elderly women being threatened with arrest for sitting on a park bench, Sam Armytage has lashed Victoria Police.

Video of the dramatic altercation went viral on Sunday after the video was shared online, and the Sunrise host likened Victorian Police’s behaviour to “China” and called the situation “ridiculous.”

The video showed the two women sitting in a park as they were surrounded by police, as they asked the officers: “On what grounds am I under arrest? This is unlawful.”

She then continued to raise her voice, asking again why she was under arrest.

A female cop replied: “For failing to provide your name and address”.

The other woman had captured the incident before a male officer came behind her, appearing to grab the gadget out of her hand.

“Excuse me, you have no right to seize my property,” she yelled.

“It is the snatching of the phone,” Armytage said. “What is this, China? You are getting arrested for filming things?

“I guess they were not meant to be sitting there under the rules. Who is making these rules? It is ridiculous.”

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