Rare Ooshies selling for thousands of dollars

Life has three certainties — death, taxes and people seeking to cash in on freebies in supermarkets.

And sure enough, weeks after they’ve been introduced at Woolworths, enthusiastic Aussies are trying to get some of the rarest Ooshies to buck.

The plastic toys launched late last month come free for every $30 spent at the store, but that hasn’t stopped some online businessmen seeking to flog them for as much as $50,000 in eye-watering.

A New South Wales eBay user has slapped their “rare” glittery Elsa figurine from Frozen with the big price tag — and the cash doesn’t even afford the buyer express postage.

Also asking five-figure amounts for the toy are some others, while glittery Ooshies of a Star Wars Mandalorian and Woody from Toy Story are also being put up for thousands of dollars each for sale.


In the meantime, a shopper who was desperate to complete his collection paid a much more fair $160 for four rare toys, while another split $150 to grab the rare Elsa.

A mother previously copped a flood of threats and offensive messages for attempting to sell the previous set of a rare furry Simba.

Queenslander Monique had planned to use the $5,000 sale to purchase her son’s laptop.

But Monique had been bombarded with hundreds of offensive messages rather than producing deals.

Monique had been told that she was “a waste of space, I don’t deserve to breathe air, I’m a scammer (and) I only look out for money.”

She was able to locate a serious Victoria buyer who forked out $4,000 for the tiny lion, amid the uproar.

A glittery Woody, Elsa, Mandalorian and Captain Marvel are among the rarest Ooshies in the present set.

After being previously roasted for using plastics in toys, Woolworths has partnered with TerraCycle to deliver dedicated recycling bins to consumers where they can drop any pre-loved Ooshies and their wrappers.

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