Newborn baby found dead at a recycling centre

Staff at a UK recycling plant were left “devastated” after a newborn baby’s body was found in a bin there.

The baby was found wrapped in a pink beach towel, and was abandoned on August 20 in Bradford , West Yorks.

Despite urgent calls by police and maternity ward staff, the child’s mother has yet to come forward.

West Yorkshire Police say they are highly worried about the woman and encourage her to come forward, or any friends or family members.

Sara Hollins, Head of Midwifery at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said:

“Police and partner agencies have worked tirelessly for the past week to try and trace mum of the baby.

“We are renewing our appeal today to urge mum or her relatives to come forward and speak to us.

“We are incredibly concerned for the welfare of the mum, as the birth of the baby would have been extremely distressing and there may have been physical complications and we want to ensure that you are OK and get access to the help you may need.”

The staff at the site who discovered her have wanted to remember the infant-whom they called Daisy.

She’s going to be buried alongside a handmade teddy bear made of their orange high-vis uniform-so they ‘re “always with her.”

One of the staff who found the baby was Lionel Mairs, 31, and his partner Laura Pratt, 26, commissioned the bear to offer warmth to him and to his colleagues.

She said: “Lionel was really upset and devastated about what happened but this bear has helped him.

“Originally the baby was going to have nothing so it has brought all the team comfort knowing that Daisy will have this bear with her.

“The bear is orange and wearing the work uniform so it is sort of like they will always be with her and she won’t be on her own.”

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