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Anthony Mundine’s Sydney ‘Freedom Day’ protest

Today Anthony Mundine was spotted attending the anti-lockdown protests around Sydney, posing along the way for photographs with fans.

On Saturday Mundine told the Sunday Telegraph that he supported the anti-lockdown campaign and that COVID-19 was a “cover up”

“I support people coming together and standing up against injustice. It’s a dictatorship. A tyrannical reign,” he said.

“COVID is just a symptom of 5G radiation – it’s a cover up.”

There is no evidence that 5 G is related to coronavirus but the beaseless hypothesis seems to have gained momentum due to rumours that the next generation wireless service in Wuhan was being trialled. In reality, prior to Wuhan, 5 G services were already rolled out in cities in the US and South Korea. In combating COVID-19, South Korea was among the most effective.

Furthermore, no sensible explanation has been given as to how 5 G can spread a virus, which isn’t even in many cities.

Moreover, the radio waves generated from 5 G transmitters are non-ionizing and well below any amount deemed harmful.

Two men were arrested for allegedly attacking police at the same rally in Sydney, while a woman was arrested for failing to comply with a move in the direction at the illegal anti-lockdown protest in Hyde Park, CBD.

18 individuals were also given warnings of violation infringement.

Another woman who attended the rally in Sydney’s Hyde Park, uploaded video to the group after a police officer approached her.

The police officer states that there could be a $1000 fine or further intervention by police.

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