Rare Ooshies Goldmine

The supermarket Woolworths has unveiled the four rare Disney+ Ooshies that could make you big dollars.

New promotion to the supermarket begins in all states except Victoria on Wednesday, August 26.

Woolworths shoppers are entitled to receive a free Ooshie online or in-store for every $30 that they spend in a single purchase.

In addition to a full collection of 36 Disney Ooshies with characters from Marvel, Star Wars, Disney and Pixar, Woolworths is also launching four new rare collectables.

Four rare, Disney Ooshies Woolworths

There are four rare forms of glitter from various Disney characters to collect.



Captain Marvel

The Mandalorian

The four collectables are considered rare because they are in addition to the list of 36 Disney+ Ooshies which Woolworths has advertised.

In collector cases, the rare glitter Ooshies of the four classic hero characters will substitute the regular versions for shoppers fortunate enough to get their hands into one.

Rare minis are highly sought after in the supermarket sale, with some collectors willing to pay big money for hard-to-find pieces.

One bidder bid $100,000 for the ultra-rare furry Simba on eBay during Woolworths’ Lion King Ooshie promotion last year.

Many rare minis often received $10,000 price tags during promotional times, as well as large collections of rare pieces that collectors still searched after.

Now with Woolworths at their new Disney Ooshie promotion selling four exclusive pieces, fans would be desperate to add them to their collection and maximise their value.


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