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The Queensland government needs to explain why a woman was denied permission to cross the border

The Queensland government needs to justify why allowing a woman to cross the border for medical treatment was refused before she lost an unborn baby, the prime minister says.

The mother, from Ballina in northern New South Wales, was forced to travel to a hospital in Sydney with her unborn twins after a serious medical problem.

Her family says that she was refused a border exemption to go to a Queensland hospital under the provisions of COVID-19.

The father of the woman told media outlets on Friday that his daughter had to wait 16 hours to fly from Lismore to Sydney, before she had to undergo surgery.

He said the family found out one of the babies had died on Thursday.

“This is terribly distressing. It’s, it’s heartbreaking,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison said.

“My heart just breaks for you. My heart just breaks for you.”

Ballina is included in a declaration of the Queensland government’s coronavirus hotspot covering all of NSW.

Morrison, who opposes the closing of state borders, said that any Australian who wants medical care should be able to get it.

“Clearly, there needs to be an explanation as to why the exemption was not provided in this rather very extreme case,” he said.

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