Protesters taking a stand against Stage 4 restrictions

Hundreds of anti-lockdown demonstrators have flooded the streets of south-east Melbourne, triggering a tense police stand-off.

In Dandenong, Rage has boiled over as police attempt to deal with the crowd.

The demonstrators say they are taking a stand against the restrictions on stage 4 of Victoria’s COVID-19.

It is known that for antagonising and failing to cooperate with police, one man has been charged.

Charges are to be assessed.

The protesters say they exercise their “right to freedom” and others have said they “don’t believe the COVID-19 is true” to 7NEWS.

The game of cat and mouse is following a similar Tuesday night anti-mask demonstration in the city.

Also on Monday the Public Order Response Team was called to suburban streets.

A 48-year-old man alleged to be the leader of the demonstrations has been charged with incitement while another 11 people have been hit with $1,652 fines.

Under Stage 4 limits, Melburnians are forbidden to drive further than 5 km from home and are only permitted to depart for four key reasons: treatment, shopping, exercise and essential work.

They must also be home between 8 pm and 5 am hours.

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