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Pregnant, terminally ill Aussie couple stranded in Mexico

After a wealthy benefactor offered to pay for their flights, a Melbourne man battling terminal cancer and his heavily pregnant fiancée stranded overseas were given $50,000 to fly home.

In early August, Jay Morrow and his fiancée Bec Paton were granted an exemption from travelling to Mexico in a final bid to treat the soon to be aggressive liver cancer of father-of-three.

The incredible gesture, first shared with the pair with Eddie McGuire on Triple M’s Hot Breakfast, has overwhelmed the pair.

The pair also repeatedly thanked the anonymous businessperson on Today this morning for their kindness and generosity.

“We’re still very much in shock. We found out probably 15 minutes before this interview. So much to take in. We’re so grateful.”

The couple’s booked a Thursday flight to Madrid, where they would have to quarantine for two weeks.

But the flight home from Spain could cost about $40,000, with the only guaranteed ticket home being business class tickets. Upon arrival, they ‘d need to quarantine for another $3000 at a Sydney hotel.

Mr Morrow, 34, said the donation meant they no longer had to rely on their online fundraiser to collect the miraculous money back home before their third child was born to his fiancée.

“There is no words for it. Everyone’s been so generous trying to get me here, to get the treatment and then we had a GoFundMe page,” he said.
“We can put a stop to them now because of this amazing person.”
Friends and family raised over $60,000 for care at the Hope4Cancer Center in Cancun on a crowdfunding website, hoping that the 34-year-old will spend more time with his young family.
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