You Can Now Buy Dresses For Your Washing Machine

It seems like people are now buying ‘dresses’ for their washing machines in one of the more bizarre decorating trends we’ve seen.

The elaborate coatings of lace and chiffon are intended to be mounted over your unit , making a “beautiful decoration” to conceal the appliance.

Photos of the dresses in the washing machine go viral on social media, drawing thousands of amused comments.

“Looks like the washer is wearing a negligee!” said one.

Added another: “I imagine when the machine hits the spin cycle, it would look like it’s doing a shimmy in that frock!”

Said a third: “Now I’ve seen it all.”

Yet some others suggest the coverings in the right home will look wonderful.

“I love country style and can see the white and blue lace one looking really pretty in my laundry,” said one.

“These look like something my granny would’ve loved so I’d get one just for nostalgia sake,” added another.


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