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VIRUS concern as thousands leave Brisbane stadium following AFL game

When huge numbers of people were seen leaving a Brisbane stadium after an AFL game, Queenslanders raised outrage in the midst of the state’s most recent coronavirus outbreak.

According to Austadiums, over 13,000 spectators attended the Brisbane Lions and St Kilda game at the Gabba on Sunday.

Hundreds of people can be seen leaving the stadium in a video shared on social media.

“How’s that AFL COVID safe plan working premier,” one Facebook user said, upon posting the video.

“We have an outbreak in Brisbane and yet you allow this insanity to continue.

“Not a single person social distancing.”

Another AFL game is scheduled Monday evening to be played at the Gabba.

The crowd video at the Gabba comes after a huge group of young people appeared from social media footage dancing and jumping at a kebab shop in Brisbane.

The Gabba said it manages all activities under a COVID-safe management programme in a statement to, and reminded patrons to keep social distance outside the stadium.

“The venue undertakes a number of operational measures such as socially distanced allocated seating and regularly sanitised surfaces and also actively encourages patrons to social distance, as is the direction to all Queenslanders under current guidelines,” a spokesperson for the Gabba said.

“While most visitors to The Gabba do the right thing, we would like to remind patrons how vital their cooperation is in ensuring these types of events are able to proceed in the future.

“As with circumstances outside the stadium, individuals are encouraged to socially distance and to remove themselves from any situations that may encourage close contact with other patrons (eg. wait a few minutes until the crowd has dissipated before leaving a venue).”

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