Mandatory masks In Victoria will be in place ‘for a while’

Victorians could live long into the summer under mandatory mask rules, with the premier Daniel Andrews saying that the laws are likely to be in effect “for a while.”

“If I’d just take you back, before masks became mandatory the general advice and request that we were making of Victorians when you

are out and about for a lawful purpose and you feel, you are not confident you will be able to maintain that 1.5 metre distance, please wear a mask,” Mr Andrews said.

“I think that the notion of mandatory mask wearing, at least in those circumstances, think that will be with us for a while. And, yes, that will be challenging when it comes to the hot weather.”

Daniel Andrewswarned there will be challenges as the pandemic continues.

“As many of us look ahead, to the end of the year and the warmer weather. I think we would be more than happy of the biggest challenge we face in a few months’ time would be the fact that it is a bit hot to wear a mask when it is 35 degrees,” he said.

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