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Today Show Hosts ‘Not Happy’ Over AFL Aboriginal Flag Ban

In a move that has caused widespread uproar, the AFL ‘s Indigenous Round would be without the Aboriginal flag.

In 2018 Apparel company WAM Clothing acquired the Indigenous flag design copyright licence and pays fees for its use. The AFL decided not to display or show the flag on any warnseys in the middle circle.

The topic was shot by athletes, media figures, and former politicians who called on the government to step in and fix the issue.

The company sent letters to Aboriginal clothing companies and the AFL was refused permission to use the flag during the Indigenous Round of this weekend, causing outrage around the country.

Supporters are being encouraged this weekend to carry their own flags to games to demonstrate support for Sir Doug Nicholls Indigenous Round.

Today’s show reporter Brooke Boney couldn’t believe the league’s use of the flag was blocked.

“This company that we have to look at are WAM, they’re sending cease and desist orders to Aboriginal organisations and footy teams not to use the flag,” Boney said.

“This is a flag that is a symbol of our pride, of our culture, of our struggle, of everything that it means to be Aboriginal and these guys are making money from it.

“I know how much this round of footy means to Indigenous footy players. My mates Goodesy and Mickey O, to deny them of that is actually just disgusting.

“If I had an Aboriginal flag T-shirt I would be wearing it and saying WAM, sue me and I encourage all of you going to the footy this weekend to do the same.”

Today Show host Karl Stefanovic backed Boney ‘s appeal and said if people wear the flag, the company may sue him.

“I can’t see how they can possibly explain it or keep sending cease and desist letters. If the people vote with their feet and they wear the flag with pride, sue me,” Stefanovic said.

Fellow host Ally Langdon agrees that people will boycott the organisation for the change, but acknowledges that doing the right thing is also an incentive for them.

“Do you then say to people boycott this company. Why support a company that does something like this,” she said.

“This is an opportunity for WAM to do the right thing and say, here is the flag, it’s yours.”

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