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‘Leave Anti-Vaxxers in Lockdown’

With news of vaccines entering their final stages, and our government signing an agreement to purchase 25 million doses of a future AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, many of us are relievingly feeling it’s all over.

It is sadly not yet nearly halfway.

In order to achieve “herd immunity” and fully eliminate COVID-19 transmission, Australia will need between 80 to 95 per cent of its vaccinated population, which could potentially take up until late next year.

And a key factor of doing this is to encourage everyone to get vaccinated – including those people who are the scientific community’s curse, anti-vaxxers.

That means the vaccination target is 20 million Australians.

Australia’s performed 5,380,613 COVID-19 tests since January.

To reach our goal, we’d need to double that number, twice, in half the time. It will be a landmark test of our country, and it will be a chapter in the textbooks of our history.

Yet there are through demands from parts of the medical and broader community for those who may reject a vaccine to come down harder than that.

Dr Zac Turner owns medical clinics nationwide. He calls on the government to impose strict restrictions on the rights of those who refuse to take a vaccine.

“To achieve ‘herd immunity’ and completely eradicate the transmission of COVID-19, Australia would need about 80-95 per cent of its population vaccinated, which in reality may take up until late next year,” he told The New Daily.

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