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Fresh Scare In Queensland, Restrictions Tightened

A fresh coronavirus outbreak at a youth detention centre in Queensland has alarmed authorities, as controls are tightened in the state.

On Saturday, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk revealed six additional COVID-19 cases related to the Wacol Brisbane Youth Detention Centre.

For the six people that were linked to the youth detention centre, four worked there and two were families of those who worked there.

Palaszczuk said she hoped that more cases could be connected to the cluster.

COVID-19 will be checked for both tenants and staff at the centre, the Premier said.

Three more positive cases in the crew members on cargo ships have been confirmed, bringing the number of reported cases in the state to 15.

Such freighters are offshore between Townsville and Mackay.

Palaszczuk said it was important for the state this weekend, and encouraged anyone who had any symptoms to get checked.

“This weekend, if you are going to a shopping centre, and there is no social distancing, you should leave immediately,” Palaszczuk warned.

“Social distancing is incredibly important. It is our biggest weapon against this disease.”

Palaszczuk declared limits on meetings, to be enforced immediately in the southeast of the state.

In-house and outdoor events will be limited to 10 people.

Aged care homes in those areas would also automatically go into lockdown.

People living outside the greater Brisbane area would be limited to 30-person gatherings.


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